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Board Development

Board Development

No matter what the mission of your organization or what you hope to accomplish, a highly effective board is the one factor that will have the greatest impact on organizational success. Strong boards are created when the right people, with the right expectations, are effectively and appropriately engaged in leading and governing your organization. Developing an exceptional board takes time, and it doesn’t happen without intentionality and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Has your organization developed and implemented a strong Board Development Plan? How often is it reviewed and updated? Does it include on-going educational opportunities for Board leaders? Do you have questions about best practices in Board Governance?

If your board is committed to continuous improvement, contact us to discuss. We offer:

  • Board Effectiveness Assessment
  • Board Retreat Facilitation
  • Board Development Planning
  • Board Education Topics including –

o The Business of Doing Good: Practices of Highly Effective Boards
o No More “Bored Room”!: Leading Dynamic Board Meetings
o Better Board Business: Practices of Highly Effective Boards
o Top 10 Ways to Lose your Executive Director – Managing Your CEO’s Performance
o Teamwork 101: Building Effective Board/Staff Partnerships
o Funding Savvy: The Board’s Role in Resource Development
o Legal Responsibilities of Directors and Trustees