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At Summit Solutions Consulting we embrace a Culture of Worthiness and indoctrinate every team member, every stakeholder, and every client in this way of thinking. We understand that the organizations we serve are the glue holding our communities together.

Our not-for-profit clients insure that our most vulnerable citizens are cared for, protected, given hope and opportunity. Their organizations are protecting our natural resources, building health-care facilities, and preparing children for bright futures. They make places for the homeless and meals for the hungry; they make it possible for the recovering addict to have a future. Worthy not-for-profits make our neighborhoods better places to raise families, and they create environments that allow artists to thrive…they make a difference and their work is worthy.

Our small business clients not only provide goods and services that our neighbors need, they also build dreams and provide opportunity for their families, their employees and their investors. They help communities thrive by contributing to the economy and by giving neighbors a sense of place – a reason to dine, shop, stay in their neighborhood. They make a difference and their work is worthy.

At Summit Solutions, we embrace a culture of worthiness. We believe the changes you make in our community are important. Your work is worthy and anything that is worth doing… is worth doing RIGHT.